Istanbul bosphorus cruise , bosphorus cruise

After approximately 1 hour's plane ride from Istanbul we have Newseh airport. We went to special cave hotel in Urgup with private airport transfers. The Cave hotel with warm summers and cool winter had a natural ventilation system. We got up early in the morning we have breakfast and all  organic and natural. Early in the morning we met up with our guide to the tour in the hotel lobby. We participated in Cappadocia Private tours. Our tour guide told us a lot more about the formation of cappadocia. Cappadocia cool the lava is formed after evaporation of Hasan mountain. A very special place and a half here under protection by UNESCO. Cappadocia is a natural wonder. We first went to the open-air museum and we attended Zelvia cappadocia balloon tours here and we went from floor to 250 meters in height and had a very nice view of cappadocia. Many balloons were flying in the sky.

Cappadocia Goreme open air museum and we went to this place and there are many fairy chimneys and cave people have made their religious worship and lived here. Hidden cave churches and churches were decorated with pictures of Jesus and Mary Mozika are We went to the Ihlara valley and the river flowing through the middle of a natural wonder and herelocated on both sides of the river cave istanbul bosphorus cruise , bosphorus cruise Demirkaik and we went to the deep-underground city and the people here have used to seek refuge in stormy winter weather, and the Roman soldiers. 5-7 of about 5,000 people lived here in the story underground city. They just continue to move in the underground city life with bread, water and wine. We went end of cappadocia highest hill forts and here and had a very nice view of cappadocia. Finally went to Pigeon valley and the first flight of many birds, including the pigeon flying here.

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Gallipoli Troy Tours in Canakkale

We went to Canakkale city center and we are here for the Daily Istanbul Tours after a journey lasting approximately 4 hours. The hostesses were very polite and courteous and they offered us unlimited buffet tea and coffee. We went to a hotel with great sea views in Canakkale city center. The hotel had a very large spacious room. We had a buffet breakfast and tour sınısrsız morning we met our guide statue located in Troy and Canakkale coastal park. Troy horse statue used in the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt in 2004 canakkale sculpture is on display in the city park. As with the first ferry from Canakkale city center we went to Gallipoli peninsula. 
Dating from Gallipoli war in 1915, which has numerous military and tunnels and trenches. Gallipoli is divided in two parts and the first part of the war the British and French warships joined the naval war was. Where all of the British and French warships sunk or has been deeply damaged. It later became the New Zealand land wars and avustarly between the Turkish military and the resulting ANZAC aksker from British colonial wars has been very severe. 25 April ANZAC Day commemoration day is made. Finally, mausoleums and statues for ANZAC soldiers in Gallipoli peninsula and the Turkish military is made.

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Istanbul Tours and Old city

In some part of istanbul asia is a magnificent city on the continent of Europe . In 2010 the world has been the nascent culture . In 1453, Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul conquest has been translated into . Sultan Mehmet ist made ​​the reconstruction and refurbishment . Justinyen in Hagia Sophia is adorned with pictures of Jesus and Mary . Istanbul is a beautiful city and the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul and the magnificent architecture, the Hagia Sophia . made on behalf of the sultan ahmet mosque istanbul most beautiful . 6 very large dome and minaret are very thin and long . blue mosque is very nice on the inside is decorated with blue Iznik tiles . 

istanbul Sultan Mehmet made ​​on time and in the middle of the old city are full . Ranging from beginners to the beach next to Hagia Sophia wide variety of flowers and trees There is adorned with unique garden . A combination of very intelligent children and the sultan had received training school children to school enderun . Has 12 rooms with queen, along with the Ottoman Empire Sultan is managed . treasure too precious stones, ruby diamond stones are the treasures that are very valuable . You're part of the family and lived sultans harem of women from many rooms have occurred . There is a very nice pool harem . Topkapi palace has a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus .

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Ephesus Tours and Travel Holiday

We met our tour guide with OTs lobby to join tours Private tours Private Ephesus Ephesus and we joined our tour guide. Our tour guide much about Ephesus told us lots of information and lots of Ephesus lived civilization. We first went to Ephesus caravanserai with our tour guide and this was very tasty raw pan kebab restaurants and Ephesus caravanserai which also serves as a boutique hotel. We went to the hill and we had to Ephesus Bulbul Bul Bul hill with the private car takes about 1 hour and the road was made on a very large bronze statue of Mary. The top section Haçşekl Mary had made the house. I lit candles and lamps, where I prayed a lot. In 1970 the house has been identified as Mary of the Cross are very sacred place and this is also a very nice and cozy place to stay fountain Mary period. Ephesus, we have an open-air museum and a main entrance, which here has been very wide and large stone masonry.

The ancient city of Ephesus ancient Greek and Roman empires were made on time and this is a port city and a very sophisticated business is done here. Ephesus city There was an exchange of trade. Ephesus China, India, the Far East and the Arabian peninsula before the ship with caravans and later spread to Greece and Italy. Ephesus is known as the capital of asia you. It is also spread across Europe after Christianity spread to Ephesus. Ephesus Ephesus symbol of the port had Celcus Libray and place outside from inside the building is single storey with 2 floors and is done so for more light receiving. Libray Celcus two-storey building is located in front of this statue is made of marble 4. Celcus Libary used as funerary monuments and writing Arabic Greek and Latin la books are serglen here. 10,000 people had a theater and performance hall with a capacity of, and this is a very special concerts and shows are held here. The theater had a very nice sound and light system.

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